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Getting ready for Authors after Dark

Ordering promo today and trying to decide between t-shirts and gimme caps...


Blog Hop Against Homophobia

http://batortuga.blogspot.com -- Blogging Against Homophobia. I will donate $1 to Lambda Legal for every comment (up to $250)

Happy Tuesday!

Got a new Coke/Dillon short coming out tomorrow. Have to clean up the back yard, trim the hedges, water the plants, make supper, and get books up before tomorrow, which is taken up with exercise, hair, and tattoos.


Yeah, working on ye olde sleeve again.

Next week, this time, I'll be visiting Sean Michael and having a ball. (Are y'all jealous?)


Have a good one!


Rodeo Pictures :D

I posted some pics from my Saturday at Rodeo Houston on my blog, if y'all'd like to peek -- http://batortuga.blogspot.com/

Pretty day, busy too

I went to yoga, wrote a short story, proofread some, made bread and tomato soup, walked 2 miles, and went to breakfast.

The weather was perfect. Looks like spring's going to be early here.

Snippet: Sam, Beau, Joa, Balta, and Raul

Prompts: lemonade, fire, swing

Portuguese was flying and Sammy frowned, watching the Brazilians as they bounced down the hallway. Joa was in a sling, Balta was singing some weird-assed song, and Raul was drunk as a skunk.

Lord, them boys was pretty. Well, except for Balta. Balta was a friend. Joa had a great mouth, though.

"Sammy! Sammy, how goes?" Speaking of friends -- Balta grinned at him, tipped his hat.

He nodded in response, not interested in trying to talk.

Raul waved. "Bom dia! I drink fire water!"

He arched an eyebrow and Joa shook his head. "The Mike's Hard Lemonade, sim? Raul thought it was like candy."

Oh, Lord.

Balta hooted. "Sim. He will swing from the walls, now, yes?"

"Rafters, Balta." Joa chuckled.

"Rafters." Sam rolled his eyes. "Quiet. Be too quiet." Right? That was right?

A warm hand settled on the small of his back. "You know it. Y'all best find your room. You sound like a circus."

"Ah. Sim. Sim. Buon noite, Beau." Raul waved, just a little tipsy.

Yeah. Yeah Good night.

Snippet: Coke and Dillon

Prompt words:
Iced water


"Coke, did you order salad and chocolate cake from room service?" Dillon frowned down at the tray. There was his usual -- chicken and pasta, but where there should be a steak or a burger and fries, there was a salad.

A huge Cobb salad.

Add to that the hunk of chocolate cake when Dillon knew he'd seen brownies and ice cream, and something was off.

"Whut?" Coke was on the bed, his entire body packed with ice, the bags melting to water. The poor bastard was a giant, vicious bruise. "No. No, I want a fucking burger, fries. You know."

Dillon picked up the phone, hit 290. 

There was going to be a burger. There were going to be fries, and they were going to be in this room before Coke needed another pain pill or there was going to be hell to pay. 

He hadn't gotten his queen on in days, damn it, and his bullfighter needed.

    Working, working, lalala

    Just sent the first in my newest series, Cowbell, Book and Candle to proofing. The second book in the Shifting Streams series is heading to the editor. Working on my story for Cereus: The Opening.


    Trying to decide what my next novel-length m/m is going to be -- cowboys or shifters or cops.

    Also, I have a red riding hood idea eating my brain. :P

    Ink ink ink

    Tomorrow is new ink day.

    *grins* My glorious artist is going to start the last third of my left sleeve and we're going to start the drawing process for my chest piece.

    My left arm is an homage to the seasons and my chest piece will be ravens and roses.

    My right arm is a work in planning.

    Look for pictures on my blog tomorrow!

    Mmm. Peanut butter cookies :D

    There is one left.

    I will not eat it.

    I will gaze at it every so often until someone else does.